EVOLVE? Who is She?

The SFU Communication Student Union (CMNSU)'s mission is to promote and protect the welfare and interests of Communication students within SFU's School of Communication, the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Technology, the Simon Fraser Student Society, and the University. As a non-profit, student-led organization, the CMNSU serves to identify and promote the academic, intellectual, recreational, and career concerns and interests of Communication students at SFU.

One notable event that the CMNSU hosted for the 2018/2019 school year that I was able to help out, as a Multimedia Coordinator, was called EVOLVE. The aim of this back-to-school event is to bring all Communication students together, especially the new faces, in a celebration of all that the Communication program at SFU entails. On top of that, Evolve is open for students beyond the School of Communication, giving those of other disciplines a chance to experience a night of music by a DJ, sweet snacks, activities, mingling, and lots of prizes. A few familiar faculty faces were also present at Evolve, as an opportunity for all attendees to say hi. The theme for Evolve is a nod to the end of summer with a neon jungle escape aesthetic, in SFU’s half patio, half indoor venue, at the West Mall Atrium.


Facebook event cover banner for EVOLVE.

Name tag designs. Attendees would write their name, what year of study they would be entering for the 2018-2019 school year, circle a desired social media platform they are on, and write their handle of said social media platform.

Rack cards, which were printed and handed out during Fall Clubs Day 2018, just days leading up to the event.

Promotional video. As Webflow currently does not support uploaded video with audio, please view the full video with audio here.

Sponsorship package, which can be viewed in full detail here.

The CMNSU exec team created this entire event from scratch and had we no idea what to expect. What if we didn't reach our goal for selling tickets? What if a major sponsor backed out from us last minute? We departed from hosting the traditional back-to-school Frosh event, as it is only first years that are able to attend Frosh and there was little benefit in the activities that one would participate in, if they had attended. Who would think that playing games in an open field for hours on end would actually result in making friends you would keep in contact with four years later? For these reasons alone, was why we chose to do EVOLVE instead.

EVOLVE had a HUGE turnout, and the enthusiasm that was shown throughout the night skyrocketed through the roof. Tickets sold out within days leading up to the event. As mentioned above, EVOLVE was not just limited to first year Communication students - second/third/fourth and beyond year students, transfer students, and even those who were pursuing a Communication Minor or was remotely interested in the Communication program was more than welcome to attend this event.

The Director of Communication, Peter Chow-White (far right picture below) gave a wonderful speech to start the night, and the year off. He acknowledged the importance of diversity at SFU, and how EVOLVE and the Communication faculty is highly reflective of that diversity. He mentioned to our new students how fortunate they are to attend a school that is nationally well-renowned of their Communication program. To add in his speech, Chow-White stressed enough of the endless opportunities that one can get involved in during their studies here at SFU, and by being a Communication student, our student union is a great way to begin your journey into academic and professional success.

What I loved about EVOLVE, was how welcoming and happy all of the students, staff, and faculty were to everyone else. As I cannot mention enough, SFU is proud to host an environment full of diversity and positivism. Some of our sponsors, such as the BC Lions Football Club, and Lexton Harper Co., a local watch company based in Vancouver, gave out prizes for our attendees to win in a raffle draw. No one was afraid to mingle or network with others - in fact, I had a few first-year Communication students come up to me to tell me how much they loved the neon jungle theme, and they also asked for advice relating to the creative field, as my role with the CMNSU was being a Multimedia Coordinator.

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June - September 2018

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