Member's Appreciation
Night 2018

SFU CAC hosts a number of signature events throughout the school year, called "Pillar Events". These events hold significance as they bear tradition to the club since its inception in 2001. One of CAC's renowned pillar events is called Member's Appreciation Night, or MAN for short. This event celebrates the love and support from all of CAC's members, non-members, and plus ones throughout the school year. This fun-packed night is filled with exciting games, amazing performances, and a delicious buffet dinner. Prizes are to be won and attendees can even take home a souvenir photo from the Instagram worthy photo booth!

As one of the Promotions Coordinators for Member's Appreciation Night 2018, my responsibilities included creating all digital and print design works for the event. This included print copies of tickets, social media graphics that would be posted on Facebook and Instagram, and a Snapchat geofilter that would be activated on the day of the event. I also worked closely with the two MAN Directors, Trudy Tsang and Steffi Chan, who were in charge of MAN, to ensure that the overall design and aesthetic matched with the 2018 theme - The Secret Garden.


Facebook event cover banner for MAN 2018.

Promotional video, produced and edited by Tony Yu, a fellow CAC 2017-2018 executive member.

Ticket designs, which included a key. Front (middle pic) and back (right pic).

CAC ended off another successful year with Member's Appreciation Night 2018. Guests who attended this end-of-year event used the Snapchat geofilter extensively throughout the night, which accumulated 65 uses and 128 swipes overall. This was also the first time that the club was able to put up a filter for one of their events in general. For the tickets, attendees got to keep them as a memento, along with the printed photos from the nearby photo booth.

Metrics and data that was collected after the end of MAN 2018, courtesy of Snapchat.

• Graphic Design
• Illustration

• Adobe Photoshop CC
• Adobe Illustrator CC

January - March 2018